1. Smaller class sizes
  2. Community College completion rate is on average lower then 30 percent, our completion rate is on average about 70 percent.
  3. Every one of our classes directly applies to your future career.
  4. Our Staff and instructor knows each student well
  5. We are accredited by the Commission of Massage Therapy Accreditation. So we have the highest quality massage training, not just a watered down overview.
  6. We help and have experience to help students with emotional, physical, and learning disabilities
  7. Our students complete an internship that spans their entire program, thereby allowing them to practice as they are learning it.
  8. Our national MBLEx completion rate is 20% higher than the state rate
  9. Our classes are in-depth and have a teacher and text book that directly applies to the knowledge taught. Not just a watered down version.