The Academy of Natural Therapy (ANT) has a long tradition of training the finest graduates. Graduates have been known not only for being well educated but experienced as well. This is produced through a fine combination of hands-on, one on one instruction with excellent instructors and a real world atmosphere with over 300 hours done in fully equipped facilities – the Student Clinic, the Professional Student Clinic, and the Natural Therapy health Center.

Here at the Academy of Natural Therapy, administration, staff and faculty are concerned with the direction Massage Therapy is heading. ANT wants not only good people but educated people performing massage. Because of this reason, ANT Massage Therapy Program is a full 1000 hours and an entire year. If you are not able to attend this excellent program, please find a program that fully encompasses all areas of massage.

Since establishment in 1989, special attention has been given to providing all means possible to produce the best therapists. Here are some outstanding reasons for choosing Academy of Natural Therapy:

  • Small Class Size. (student to teacher ratio is 1:10 with max of 12 students per instructor)
  • Mentorship Program. Individual attention with caring Clinic Mentors for full length of program
  • Professional Student Clinic and the Natural Therapy Health Center. Nothing replaces the real world experience of public clientele. It is not a requirement to work on the public. A student can easily obtain their required hours with students and their registered subjects.
  • 20-foot hydrotherapy salt water pool.
  • Well rounded program. The wide range of classes that Academy of Natural Therapy provides has contributed to 17 years of successful graduates. Academy of Natural Therapy classes are specific and carefully constructed to make full use of the student’s time while in school.
  • Accredited. 1000 Hour Massage Therapy Program is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) Only 27% of the 1500 plus Massage Schools in the United States of America are accredited. (Source:
  • Several funding options. Federal Financial Aid is available for those who qualify (for 1000 hour CMT program only)
    • Funding provided by Sallie Mae for those who qualify
    • Funding provided by SLM Financial for those who qualify
    • In-house monthly interests free payments for those who qualify
    • See our Financing section for more information on tuition funding options
  • Low tuition ($18,000 for the entire program): Academy of Natural Therapy can not produce the finest graduates when the finest graduates can not afford tuition. Tuition is based on costs, not on the highest amount that can be taken from students. The tuition includes textbooks, insurance, oils, lotions, handouts, uniforms, all herbs and ingredients used in class as well as the use of the A.N.T’s outstanding facilities. See our Tuition section for more information.
  • Insurance. All full-time students are insured up to 9 million dollars while they attend: Academy of Natural Therapy provides liability coverage for students with the A.B.M.P without any further cost to students. This registers them as members with benefits and eases the transition for them when they graduate.
  • No requirements to purchase a massage table. The reason schools require their students to purchase their own equipment is to use during class. Academy of Natural Therapy has always provided good equipment for students to use while they are in class. Whether it be a table, chair, or anything else needed to perform a massage.
  • No requirements to purchase any books or materials. (all provided) All expenses to teach students are calculated into tuition. Academy of Natural Therapy does not nickel and dime students.
  • No hidden fees. Massage Therapy is a caring profession. There is nothing more disturbing than overcharging to help others.
  • V.A. Benefits. Academy of Natural Therapy is accredited to accept Veterans benefits.