The best education comes through guided experience. It is one thing to teach in a classroom but it is quite another to teach in a real massage room. Each student is required to complete a total of 186 hours. These hours are done in individual rooms for subject and student comfort. The Academy of Natural Therapy Clinic Mentor oversees massages and are available for questions. Being able to have immediate access and individual attention of an Instructor equates to the finest marriage of teaching and review.

Student Placement

The Massage Therapy field is constantly expanding with the increasing public interest in holistic health. Jobs are available with medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, psychotherapists, health clubs, spas, beauty salons, resort hotels and other community organizations.

The Academy of Natural Therapy is proud to offer job placement assistance but can not guarantee placement. Academy faculty and administration maintain a high level of contact within the field and available positions are posted. Letters of recommendation will be written to prospective employers upon student request. In addition, a Massage Therapy referral list is maintained and provided to the general public both in Colorado and throughout the country.

The Academy assists the students in the writing of resumes and with interviewing techniques as needed. The placement assistance is accessed on an individual basis by appointment with the Lead Mentor or Director of Students.


A mentor is available to help with massage questions and free tutoring Monday-Saturday. An appointment (hyperlink appointment over to the contact page) is recommended. A “mentor” is a trained and licensed massage therapist with instructor training.