Academy of Natural Therapy Scholarship.

After a student has applied to the Academy of Natural Therapy, they may also fill out a Scholarship Application. Scholarships are pending acceptance to the Academy of Natural Therapy, and are designated by the Academy committee after the review of the completed application and student transcripts.

The Academy of Natural Therapy offers the following scholarships:

Sole Scholarship: Students must write a one-page typed essay, totaling 500 words or more, stating their background, interest in massage therapy objectives of their educational pursuits, career plans, financial needs, leadership positions and why they believe they deserve this scholarship.

Good Student Scholarship: Aids students in their first year of college at the Academy of Natural Therapy. Eligibility: Must sign enrollment contract for 1,000 hour or Associate’s Degree program and have a previous GPA from another institution of 3.6-4.0.

Right Path Scholarship: Aids students in their first year of college. Eligibility: Must be a recent high school graduate that will enroll directly into the Academy of Natural Therapy.

Family and Friends Scholarship The Family and Friends Scholarship is an opportunity for students to receive scholarship money when their friends and family attend the Academy of Natural Therapy!

Ways to find other scholarships

Download our Scholarship Booklet  – It contains a list of many other scholarship resources.

Beware of scholarship scams

Scholarships are “free money,” so you should never have to pay money to get them. Watch out for scholarship scams or companies that require a credit card number just to perform a search. Save the money and do it yourself! Go to for more details on scholarship scams and how to report them.

For more information on financial aid and scholarships please contact us