For detailed course descriptions, choose one of the courses listed below:

Course PrefixCourse TitleCourse HoursCredit Hours
BIO-120/BIO-220 BIO-120 & 220 Anatomy & Physiology I & II 60/40 6/4
CPE-170, CPE-200, CPE-300, CPE-400 CPE 170, 200, 300 & 400 Clinic Practical (4 Classes) 140 9
MAN-140 MAN-140 Entrepreneurship 40 4
SKT-100 SKT-100 Waxing 60 6
SKT-115 SKT-115 Disinfection Standards & Client Care 16 1
SKT-120 SKT-120 Beauty Enhancement 40 2
SKT-130 SKT-130 Advanced Competencies 40 2
SKT-135 SKT-135 Board Prep & Exit Assessment 24 1.6
SPE-130 SPE-130 Communication and Ethics 40 4

600 Clock Hours/45.6 Quarter Credit Hours

Normal Program Length is 38 weeks (3 quarters)

600-Hr Esthetics Program
Tuition is $12,600 and books/supplies cost $2,900 for a total program cost of $15,500

600-Hr Program Objectives

Educational objectives are the guidelines that prepare students to become esthetic professionals. The esthetics program will prepare the student for a career in esthetics with the basic skills needed to be successful. Students are provided with the educational tools necessary to:

  • Acquire an in-depth foundation of the scientific knowledge related to esthetic techniques and applications
  • Understand the effectiveness of esthetics in relationship to the body, and recognize its limitations
  • Increase student’s self-awareness and enhance his/her ability to effectively contribute to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of clients
  • Develop an understanding of proper ethical practices as a Licensed Esthetician
  • Demonstrate confidence and professionalism in the practice of esthetics

BIO-120 & 220 Anatomy & Physiology I & II

An in-depth understanding of human anatomy and the associated physiology of the 11 body systems is essential to the practice of esthetics. Topics are discussed in a general scientific approach and geared toward the understanding of systems in relation to maintaining homeostasis in the body as a whole. This is linked to the practice of esthetics, and how manipulation through skin care can affect the functioning of various systems. Lab time will be incorporated into the lecture courses as needed. Labs include various types of models to enhance the students’ understanding and visual imagery of the systems, their locations, and the interaction between them.

1: 60 Clock Hours/6 Qtr. Credit Hours

2: 40 Clock Hours/4 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

SPE-130 Communication and Ethics

The course focuses on helping students to build the knowledge, skills and self awareness to approach a wide range of ethical questions with clarity and confidence. Students will learn what the Therapeutic Relationship is, and how they function with their scope of practice regarding it. They receive basic concepts in the therapeutic dialogue, such as active listening skills and I feel statements. They learn the importance of creating correct boundaries, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually or the client as well as themselves. This helps them learn to respond to a client honestly, justly and respectfully. Students learn the ethics of appropriate touch, and the distinction between healthy and appropriate and inappropriate touch, and how to help the client understand the difference. Students learn to recognize the red flags of communications and how to apply ethical conflict and resolution. Finally students are trained how to practice professionalism with all other health professionals when to make appropriate referrals, and how to recognize burnout in their own lives and to seek out the appropriate help they need.

40 Clock Hours/4 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

SKT-100 Waxing

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to infection control procedures and equips participants with the necessary skills to perform professional waxing services. Throughout the program, we delve into various aspects of hair removal techniques and products. Our curriculum not only encompasses the technical aspects of waxing procedures but also prioritizes the overall client experience. Join us to gain expertise in infection control, waxing techniques, hair removal options, and product knowledge to deliver top-notch services.

60 Clock Hours/6 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

SKT-110 Facial Procedures

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to facial services, covering key areas such as infection control, the use of facial products, facial massage techniques, and attentive client care. Mastering facial procedures is fundamental for acquiring advanced skin care skills, and it is crucial to ensure they are learned correctly. Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of proper draping and maintaining a high standard of professionalism in client care.

60 Clock Hours/6 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

SKT-120 Beauty Enhancement

In an ever-evolving industry, the pursuit of enhancing beauty endures. This course delves into the core principles of elevating beauty through the utilization of traditional makeup methods and the precision of airbrush makeup application. Thorough skin analysis is a central focus, allowing students to recognize specific makeup needs, including contouring, concealing less favorable facial aspects, and accentuating favorable features. The course also introduces students to the realm of temporary and permanent lash extensions. Beyond the art of revealing a client’s natural beauty, students acquire crucial expertise in protecting both themselves and their clients through the diligent implementation of infection control protocols.

40 Clock Hours/2 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

SKT-130 Advanced Competencies

The demand for advanced aesthetic treatments has experienced a significant increase, leading to the expansion of possibilities within this once-limited domain. This course delves into various facets of advanced facial services, offering a comprehensive introduction. Notably, it not only introduces concepts like microcurrent and LED light therapy, but also provides students with hands-on experience as they perform these treatments on clients during clinical classes.

40 Clock Hours/2 Qtr. Hours

Prerequisite: Facial Procedures

SKT-115 Disinfection Standards & Client Care

This course revolves around the disinfection standards specific to Colorado’s esthetics industry. It not only explores the significance of client care but also emphasizes the crucial role that customer service plays in enhancing an otherwise ordinary service. Clients are not merely seen as revenue sources in an esthetician’s career journey; they frequently transform into valued friends, forging enduring connections that can endure a lifetime.

16 Clock Hours/1Qrt. Hours

Prerequisite: None

SKT- 135 Board Prep & Exit Assessment

This course serves as the pinnacle of the esthetic program and is a mandatory requirement for graduation. To successfully complete it and graduate, students must attain a minimum passing score of 75%. This course is dedicated to an in-depth exploration of the extensive testing set forth by the state of Colorado that govern esthetic licenses given. This knowledge is essential for those aspiring to obtain an esthetician’s license. Throughout the course, students will undergo assessments designed to emulate the format of the state board exams. These assessments will cover both practical and written evaluations, ensuring students are well-prepared for their licensure journey.

24 Clock Hours/1.6 Qrt. Hours

Prerequisite: Waxing, Facial Procedures, Beauty Enhancement, Advanced Competencies, CPE-170, CPE-200

MAN-140 Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the basics for sole entrepreneurship. Students learn insurance billing, business plans, success strategies, advertising, marketing, fees, locations, bookkeeping, tax information, and basic business licensing.

40 Clock Hours/4 Qtr. Credit Hours

Prerequisite: None

CPE 170, 200, 300 & 400 Clinic Practical (4 Classes)

Throughout the year, students complete hours of hands-on practice in a clinical setting. Students accumulate these hours by receiving and working on fellow classmates, subjects, and clients at scheduled appointments in either the Student Clinic or Academy of Natural Therapy Clinic. All practical hours are to be done in these approved sites and supervised by a mentor/teacher. Full-time Students complete four to six hours a week as a weekly required class, First two quarters in structured clinic and last two quarters in a professional clinic. The practical hours are graded as any other course at the Academy, and students must keep up on their hour requirements and practical hours in order to successfully pass the course. The goal of each of the clinic practical courses is to give students an opportunity to work in real world esthetic situations with the support and encouragement of seasoned professionals to guide them in the perfection of their skills, so they may become competent and successful estheticians.

140 Clock Hours/ 9 Credit Hours