Movement Therapy … September 24th

The student experientially learns different movement exercises, stretches, and strengthening exercises that will be used in the clinical setting to help the client rehabilitate muscles and muscle groups that may be weak and chronically short and tight. ($760)

Canine … September 25th

This course will focus on the main massage techniques used to bring about canine relaxation, increased oxygenation, pain relief, and joint flexibility. ($760)

Herbology … September 26th

Students learn how to reference legitimate sources of information in preparation for being a knowledgeable re­source for their clients. Class activities include selection and care of plants and preparation of tinctures. ($760)

Medical Massage … September 27th

Medical massage has advanced training in massage techniques, pathology & contraindica­tions, medical communication & documentation, insurance billing, professional ethics and legal issues. ($760)

Lymphatic Drainage … December 11th

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM), a gentle, rhythmic style of massage that mimics the action of the lymphatic system, uses precise rhythm and pressure to open the initial lymphatics and stimulate lymph vessel contraction to reduce edema. ($760)

Infant and Prenatal … December 12th

This course shows students how to do safe, supportive massage to relieve the physical discomforts of pregnancy, assist in a meaningful way during labor and delivery, and help in the recovery process following birth. ($760)

Exercise and Nutrition

Instructor: Jacob Cooney, Mondays 4-8pm (30 hours)

In this class, you will learn detailed knowledge about Exercise and Nutrition to apply for yourself and also for your future customers. ($570)

Infant and Prenatal Massage

Instructor: Josi Sandoval, Tuesdays 1-5pm (36 hours)

In this class, Josi will instruct you on Infant and Prenatal massage. You will learn the important trigger points to avoid and important contraindication information. Josi will teach you the art of pillowing and support for those important expecting mothers that you will meet in your future practices. ($684)


Instructor: Amy Smith, Fridays 1-5 (40 hours)

In the class, acupuncturist and massage therapist Amy Smith will teach you Hand, Foot, and Ear Reflexology. Her extensive training and experience add to class to make it a truly engaging experience. Reflexology will be a favorite of your future customers and a great modality to have in your practice. ($760)