The Academy of Natural Therapy is excited to announce a new massage therapy program! It is only 750 hours and takes approximatley 8 months to complete!

The classes for that program are:

Level 1
Monday: A&P 1 8:30AM-12:30pm
Tuesday: Kinesiology 8:30-12:30pm
Wednesday: Communications 8:30-12:30
Thursday: Swedish Massage 8:30AM-12:30pm
Friday: Chair (6 weeks) 8:30AM-12:30pm then CPR
CPM 170 (internship): 62 hours

Level 2
Monday: A&P2 8:30-12:30pm
Tuesday: Pathology(8:30AM-12:30pm)
Wednesday Trigger Point 8:30AM-12:30pm
Thursday: Neuro 1 8:30AM-12:30pm
CPM 200 (internship): 60 hours

Level 3
Monday: Hydro 8:30AM-12:30pm
Tuesday: Sports 8:30AM-12:30pm
Wed: Business 8:30AM-12:30pm
Thursday: Neuro 2 8:30AM-12:30pm
CPM 300(Internship): 60 hours

Cost of all inclusive program: only $13,500
Financial aid does apply for all whom qualify

Call Jennifer @ 970-302-7006 to talk about possibilities or apply online today! 

Enjoy your day! đŸ™‚