We are very excited to announce monthly Herbal classes. They will be taught by Master Herbalist Sheri McKaskill.

May 20th 9-1 Marijuana, Kratom and Ayahusca: What you need to know about popular taboo, controversial or “forbidden” herbs. In this class we’ll explore the chemistry, uses, folklore and misconceptions behind some of today’s most talked about herbs.

June 17th: 9-1 Herbal First Aid: We’ll explore herbs that are helpful in emergency situations and put together a starter herbal first aid kit.

July 15th 9:1 Herbs for Beauty and Skincare. Herbs can help you be your best inside and out. Join us to learn how to include them in your routine. We’ll make several products to take home.

August 19th 9-1 Herbs for Common Ailments: Come explore some of the most common and easy to use herbs. We’ll discuss herbs for cols and flu’s, digestive upset, headaches and more.

September 16th 9-1 Kitchen Medicine: What types of herbs and spices do you have in your cupboard? Most people already have many of the ingredients they need to help keep themselves or their families well. Let me show you how in this fun informative class. You will make a remedy or two to take home.

October 21st: 9-1 Medicinal teas and tisanes: learn to blend your own tasty and beneficial herbal teas. In this class we will explore many herbs and their actions, blending techniques and preparation techniques to help you get the most out of your herbs. You will create one custom blend of your own to take home.

Each class 9-1 on the 3rd Saturday.  Each is 4 hours and priced at only $72 total.  The price included supplies for the class.  Participants must pay 4 days in advance, to prepare for supplies. After completion of the class, you will receive a certificate.

To register simply call Jennifer or MaryJO at 970-352-1181 or email info@natural-therapy.com, or stop in.