You all have probably heard the old adage: the past is gone, the future is unknown, treasure the “present”.  The old wisdom really is key to staying focused and moving forward in life. To heal, you really have to forget and forgive your past. If you think of all the “ifs” of the future, you can end up falling down a rabbit tunnel like Alice in Wonderland.  Try to think of the positive things in your life “today”. Try to not let your mind fall too far into the past or future. Yes, we all need to plan for the future and take steps everyday for the future to be bright, just also know its a delicate balance with staying present.  So, take a moment here and there. Stop. Breath. Smell the flowers around you. Focus on something beautiful, relax your shoulders and know you are on the road to success by working on your education.  I’m thankful and proud of each of you for taking the choice and huge leap to changing your life to heal others. As our founder, Dorothy Mongan says, there is no other career as healing as a massage therapist.
Sending care  and prayers to each of you;

Jennifer Mongan