Tips for mental moments
We all have them. Those moments when life feels overwhelming.  The trick to getting through those moments is to have a “tool-belt” of ideas ready to go on ways to bring yourself peace. I keep a list for myself in my “note” section of my phone. When you are feeling great, you don’t have to look up your list. It is only when you are down, that it helps to have that list ready.  
Here is a sample list:

-call and/or text friends and/or family

-pray-read your favorite book/magazine

-look up healing or encouraging quotes

-go get an ice cream…taco…etc…

-go for a walk or work out-go put your toes in the dirt 

-write a card to someone who helped you in your life

-write out a grateful list

-take a bath with Epsom salts and deep breath

-color book therapy with your favorite music


-take a nap-eat a snack & drink a cup of water (prevent dehydration)

-crank up the music and dance-forgive someone and let things go

-lookup funny “engrish” or “fail” utube videos

-lookup cute baby animal pictures

Tell yourself, better moments will come again because they always do.