We finally have time for self care!! And it’s more important than ever! With all the stresses of quarantine and COVID-19 flooding us from every angle, take some time to give yourself a little love. Making sure that you are getting what you need keeps you healthy in mind, body, and spirit. All of which can help bolster your immune system and keep you form going stir crazy.

Here are some ideas:

Listen to fun music, dance, sing.

Take a bubble bath.

Do arts and crafts.

Send letters and cards to loved ones.

Forgive someone.

Read a book or write one!

Draw pictures 

Watch funny videos.

Do online mad libs with your family. 

Sit out in the sun.

Make your favorite veggie dish or dessert.

Breathe deeply for 10 minutes and think about all of your favorite things.



Give yourself a hug.

Write a gratitude list.

Give yourself a self massage. 

Play a board game or cards with loved ones–maybe online or through video call

Complete a puzzle.



Make your own list of self care ideas and share them with loved ones!