CPE-170, CPE-200, CPE-300, CPE-400, CPE 170, 200, 300 & 400 Clinic Practical (4 Classes)

Throughout the year, students complete hours of hands-on practice in a clinical setting. Students accumulate these hours by receiving and working on fellow classmates, subjects, and clients at scheduled appointments in either the Student Clinic or Academy of Natural Therapy Clinic. All practical hours are to be done in these approved sites and supervised by a mentor/teacher. Full-time Students complete four to six hours a week as a weekly required class, First two quarters in structured clinic and last two quarters in a professional clinic. The practical hours are graded as any other course at the Academy, and students must keep up on their hour requirements and practical hours in order to successfully pass the course. The goal of each of the clinic practical courses is to give students an opportunity to work in real world esthetic situations with the support and encouragement of seasoned professionals to guide them in the perfection of their skills, so they may become competent and successful estheticians.

140 Clock Hours / 9 Qtr. Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: None