1. The student may cancel his/her enrollment contract within 24 hours of beginning classes in the event that he/she has enrolled before seeing the facility. In this event, the student would be entitled to a refund of all monies paid except $150 cancellation fee.

2. All refunds will be issued within 30 days from the date of termination.

3. The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees if the Academy discontinues a course/program within a period of time that a student could have reasonably completed it, except that this provision shall not apply in the event the Academy ceases operation.

4. Postponement of a starting date, whether at the request of the school or the student, requires a written agreement signed by the student and the Academy. The agreement must set forth:

a. Whether the postponement is for the convenience of the school or the student, and:
b. A deadline for the new start date, beyond which the start date will not be postponed.

If the course/program is not commenced, or the student fails to attend by the new start date set forth in the agreement, the student will be entitled to an appropriate refund of prepaid tuition and fees within 30 days of the deadline of the new start date set forth in the agreement, determined in accordance with the school’s refund policy and all applicable laws and rules concerning the Private Occupational Act of 1981.

Refund Table for VA Students

Percentage of Hours Completed Refund
10% of program completed 90% Refunded
20% of program completed 80% Refunded
30% of program completed 70% Refunded
40% of program completed 60% Refunded
50% of program complete 50% Refunded
60% of program complete 40% Refunded
70% of program complete 30% Refunded
80% of program complete 20% Refunded
90% of program complete 10% Refunded