SHM-110, Shiatsu

Shiatsu, the healing art of massage originating in the Orient, is thousands of years old. It is based on the theory and philosophy of acupuncture, which views the body-mind as an integrated whole as it is nourished by our fundamental chi or energy. Oriental healing art theory states that rivers of chi (meridians) run through the body and are related to the different organs. Along those meridians are points of contact called tsubos, which are doorways to the different organs. Shiatsu massage is the art of gentle manipulation using hands, fingers, and feet pressure to these various points, or tsubos, which influence the chi flow throughout the body and create balance and harmony to the entire system.Th?is course provides the student with an introduction to oriental healing theory. Emphasis is on the practical application of shiatsu. Incorporation of the history of shiatsu, and specific point and meridian patterns as well as floor and table applications make this a wonderful introduction to this ancient healing art.

40 Clock Hours / 3 Qtr. Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage, Anatomy & Phisiology or Instructor approval