CPM-500, Clinical Practical

Students accumulate these hours by working on one another, instructors, and subjects during scheduled times, and by receiving bodywork from other students at the Academy of Natural Therapy. All practical hours are to be done in approved sites and supervised by Clinic Mentors (specialized instructors). Hours must be done and reported regularly to the Clinic Mentors and are recorded by the Student Coordinator. A pass or fail grade is received for Practical Hours completed in the allotted time by receiving or giving massage at least every 2 weeks and by the practical evaluations done by the Clinic Mentors on a regular basis to monitor progress. The goal with practical hours is to give students an opportunity to work in real-world massage situations with the support of Instructors to guide them in the perfection of the skills it takes to be a competent and successful Massage Therapists.

Students may receive a Certificate of Completion in Reflexology or Chair massage by completing 30 of their hours in either of these disciplines and by following the procedures to apply for and fulfill the requirements of this certification. Off-site chair hours will not be included in the total practical hours unless supervised by an instructor.

64 Clock Hours / 3.1 Qtr. Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: Swedish Massage, concurrent enrollment or Instructor approval