Recently I read a neat article on fulfillment. The writer instructed that sometimes we do not find fulfillment until we have had hardships.  Funny how that works huh.  The next time you are struggling, give yourself a pat on the back as you are approaching fulfillment! LOL! Have hope as there is always good out of every tragedy. Your hardships will form your character more than the times when it was easy.
Fulfillment is a little different from happiness as it is a little longer lasting and thereby more rewarding to an individual. When I think of fulfillment, I also think of massage therapists. Massage therapists are a unique tribe of people that really seek out to help others through their knowledge, training, healing gifts, and experiences.  I was searching for an image to help me explain that, and I found the above image showing “inspired, growing, useful, and respected.” I think these four traits exemplify massage therapists.  Each of you here at the Academy of Natural Therapy makes the choice daily to be fulfilled, through your hard work, training, and perseverance to graduate, then in your steps to become licensed for Massage Therapy. Keep up your dedication, as I know that you’ll all truly enjoy the fulfillment that it brings.
Wishing fulfillment for each of you