2023 Additional Classes


Advanced neuromuscular therapy: October 9th – December 16th

(Monday 1-5)

This course examines in detail the cause and effect of neuromuscular injuries. Relevant concepts will include postural positions, nerve interruption locations, deep-tissue myofascial release, advanced injury assessment, and palpating techniques. ($880) (40 Hours)


Shiatsu:  October 10th – December 12th, 2023 (Tuesday 1-5)

Shiatsu massage is the art of gentle manipulation using hands, fingers, and foot pressure to these various points, which influence the chi flow throughout the body and create balance and harmony to the entire system. This course provides the student with an introduction to Asian healing theory. Emphasis is on the practical application of shiatsu ($880) (40 Hours)

Special Needs Massage: October 12th – December 14th, 2023 (Thursday 1-5)

The purpose of this course is to address a non-typical client who could benefit from Massage Therapy. The student will explore different massage techniques transferring techniques, intake and contraindicates to help those extraordinary people such as disabled children, the elderly, the handicapped, and the injured. ($880) (40 Hours)


Equine Massage: October 14th – November 11th, 2023 (Saturday 11-4)

This is the perfect class for horse enthusiasts. In this course, students will learn Equine massage techniques, including the study of equine skeletal and muscular structure along with pain signs and a light review of pathology. The purpose of equine massage is to manipulate and improve the circulation of the animal’s muscles to perfect their health and performance. Some of this class will take place outside of campus. ($550)