As you all know there are about a million different fad diets. It is an interest of mine to read about them. And, I do have a ton of different books on the topic. My lingering favorite is Sally Fallon, Nourishing Traditions. It is a cookbook of traditional foods and recipes combined with stores.  Sally Fallon runs the foundation to help educate everyone of the importance of whole foods and following our ancestors traditional diets.  I believe, like what the extensive research of the Weston A  Price foundation has found (go to their website for free info), that just eating foods that you can recognize and understand are best. avoid at all costs, all processed foods and drinks. Whole meats, veggies, fruits, grains and you’ll feel real as they are. And, it’s the cheapest way to avoid health and dental costs.   As long as our large family stays away from processed foods and eating out, our food budget stays affordable and we feel healthy as well.  We have three great classes at the Academy that talk about awesome Nutrition topics: Exercise and Nutrition, Herbology, and Advanced Nutrition.  Let me know if you’d like to take any of them.  I hope your summer is going great and let me know if you’d like any of my garden veggies. 🙂
Sending care  and prayers to each of you;

Jennifer Mongan, Executive Officer