Course Descriptions

CPM-170, Clinical Practical – Lev 1

This class, CPM 100, requiring a total of 66 hours, is the first of 4 Clinic Practicum Classes to equal a total of 246 hours of hands on practice in clinical settings. The 246 hours is time that is required of all students. It must be done outside of the time spent in any other class. Students accumulate these hours by receiving and working on fellow classmates and subjects in the Student Clinic in the basement of the Academy. A student may not count more than 30 of the 66 massages as “receiving.” The Lead Mentor will complete an intake assessment and a dally check sheet on each student before CPM-100 is complete.
The first 6 weeks of the program students must complete 2 hours a week and thereafter 6 hours per week. Students must report all hours to the mentor who shall record them. The practical hours are graded as any other course at the Academy and students must keep up on their hour requirements in order to successfully pass the course. For every 1 hour massage given, 1.5 hours can be counted toward their Practical Clinical Hours to account for greeting the client and doing the required soap notes as well as the massage.

66 Clock Hours / 3.1 Qtr. Credit Hours.

Prerequisite: None